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A Night to Last Forever

Only one night to recognize your great love

Jonah has a disarming smile and more charm than most girls in his environment can resist. However, his interior world is less sunny. He grew up in the home of his divorced, often absent father, and suffered abuse at the hands of his ...

Kicker Academy (vol. I)

Wanted: The Next Superstar

Something here is… foul

Grünstadt Academy: every budding kicker dreams of attending this soccer academy. Soccer is even played in the school's hallways - and nobody complains. The newest student soon arrives: Leo Fischer, the son of the famous national player, Rüdiger Fischer. The ...

Being First.

Records from the Animal World

Who is faster - the Atlantic sailfish or a windsurfer? Which animals can hear with their feet? And which species is the noisiest? The animal world produces unbelievable records and amazing facts. Here they are explained in an amusing manner and presented visually - sometimes in quiz format, as ...

Two Little Wild Animals in the Big City

Where is Mama Boar hiding? The forest's food supply is dwindling. Every evening, the little boars Charlie and Theo have to eat the same shrivelled rose hips and pine cones, which is why Mama Boar sets off for the city one night in search of food. When she doesn't return the next day, ...

My Magical Animal Friends

Cuddling carps, chuckling chicks and co.: puzzle and doodle book

Pocket squirrels, trembling piglets, and co. - all of these magical animals are captured in this book. Color them, find their best friends, search for their favorite foods, discover the five differences to ...

Nothing to Lose, Except for Us

How much trust does love require?
When Max steps off his plane in Edinburgh, his main goal is to get as much distance as possible between himself and the father he loathes. Very similar motives have driven street musician Lina to the Scottish metropolis, but she is content to ...
Volume: 2

Nothing is Good. Without You.

Jana and Leander haven't seen each other in six years. As children, they had been inseparable - until one fateful August evening, when Jana's brother Tim lost his life in a car accident. Leander had been behind the wheel. After that, he vanished from Jana's life. They haven't exchanged a single ...

Volume: 1

Coxi Flederwisch and the Totally Jinxed Day at School

Ten-year-old Liselotte is eager, cheerful and a little bit cheeky sometimes. One sunny morning she looks out of her classroom window - and can't believe her eyes. There's a flying dog out there! It is young witch Coxi Flederwisch, who has transformed to look for her security blanket.

The Blueberry Detectives: In Search of the Master Thief (vol. III)

The third case for the Blueberry Detectives

A band of thieves seems to be stirring up mischief in town. However, the strange thing is that the stolen items are mostly small things which reappear after a few days' time. Even the valuable painting View of Paradise reappears shows ...

Volume: 3

The Blueberry Detectives: Be Aware of the Ghost Elk! (vol. II)

Some time has passed since the Blueberry Detectives' spectacular first case. In their latest adventure a rumor is making the rounds about an eerie elk that practically dissolves into mist as soon as you try to approach it. The ghost elk is now attracting so many curious tourists that even Hecht, ...
Volume: 2

The Blueberry Detectives: Island Forest in danger! (vol. I)

The beginning of a wonderful new detective series for children

A village somewhere in the middle of Finland, located at a lake with a small harbor and an impressive number of islands. One of these islands is home to the secret headquarters of the Blueberry Detectives. The Blueberry ...

Volume: 1

On the Waves

Five days on the river may last longer than an entire lifetime

When the missionary Friedrich Ganze returns home to Bujora from a trip, he discovers that his wife Eva is dead and his daughter Gertrud is deathly ill. The shaman of the African village hurries to their house and helps ...