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Lennart Malmkvist and Olaf Tryggvason’s Surprisingly Perfidious Plan

The enchanting finale in the series featuring Lennart Malmkvist and his talking pug
The happy ending to Lennart Malmkvist´s adventure is just as unpredictable as a sunny winterday in Sweden. Pug Bölthorn has been severely wounded in a fight with the black wizard has almost ...
Volume: 3

Lennart Malmkvist and the Utterly Fantastical Guest from Trindemossen

"It's always strange," the inspector remarked. "Whenever mysterious things happen, you suddenly appear, Lennart Malmkvist. It's as if you had a sixth sense for such things."

Trindemossen, a magical forest on the edge of Gothenburg, conceals countless secrets. Along with his ...

Volume: 2

Lennart Malmkvist and Buri Bolmen’s Rather Peculiar Pug

"Dogs can't talk!"
The pug scratched an ear languorously. Then, in a loud and clear voice he asked "You're sure about that, are you?"

When old Buri Bolmen dies, his neighbour-management consultant Lennart Malmquist-unexpectedly inherits his magic and joke shop. But the ...

Rights sold: Czech Republic, Poland
Volume: 1