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Lennart Malmkvist and Olaf Tryggvason’s Surprisingly Perfidious Plan

The enchanting finale in the series featuring Lennart Malmkvist and his talking pug
The happy ending to Lennart Malmkvist´s adventure is just as unpredictable as a sunny winterday in Sweden. Pug Bölthorn has been severely wounded in a fight with the black wizard has almost ...
Volume: 3

Lennart Malmkvist and the Utterly Fantastical Guest from Trindemossen

"It's always strange," the inspector remarked. "Whenever mysterious things happen, you suddenly appear, Lennart Malmkvist. It's as if you had a sixth sense for such things."

Trindemossen, a magical forest on the edge of Gothenburg, conceals countless secrets. Along with his ...

Volume: 2

Lennart Malmkvist and Buri Bolmen’s Rather Peculiar Pug

"Dogs can't talk!"
The pug scratched an ear languorously. Then, in a loud and clear voice he asked "You're sure about that, are you?"

When old Buri Bolmen dies, his neighbour-management consultant Lennart Malmquist-unexpectedly inherits his magic and joke shop. But the ...

Rights sold: Czech Republic, Poland
Volume: 1

Twelve Waters - Into the Abyss

The joint group of Welsen and Undae have split up and time is running short. While the three groups strive to reach the springs in different regions of the continent, the world is falling apart under their feet. Yawning chasms gape, landslides and earthquakes shake the cities to their very ...

Volume: 2

Twelve Waters - To the Sources

The wells are running dry and there's trouble in the wind…

As yet, the threat to the Continent is almost imperceptible. The Nations are living in peace and harmony, war is just a distant memory. But the Undae - a society of high priestesses endowed with the ability to ...

Volume: 1